POTTYMOUTH mutated out of frustration mid-2005 and is executed by the troubled mind of Dread Spaghetti. In 2006, Dread masterminded 16 songs of shock comedy perfectly titled, "TALES OF THE TOILET SAUCE". After assembling a band of like-minded deviants, POTTYMOUTH performed locally throughout cities in and out of Los Angeles building up the toilet stew. POTTYMOUTH was thus born!

Dread was honored the opportunity in 2008 to tour with 90's cult rock puppet band, Green Jello, as lead guitarist (Summer Suck Tour/ All Acsuxx Fall Tour) and nightly performed a few POTTYMOUTH songs across the US & Canada to receptive audiences. Achieving this wider reach brought the lessons of toilet stew even further. This momentum prompted Dread to gather up new ideas and write music for a crucial follow-up sophomore disc that would eventually become "SQUEAKY GIRLS GET THE GREASE" in 2010.

With a stable, well rounded line up in place, POTTYMOUTH achieved quick exposure by hitting 3 national tours as direct support for The Mentors (Summer 2012-2013) and recorded 1 track for The Mentors tribute disc in 2012. The band scored a mighty premiere in the pages of the winter issue of Girls & Corpses Magazine, which was distributed on three continents (2011). The band created an hour DVD "Toilet Stew" (2012) featuring performances, videos and interviews based around the 2010-2012 era. POTTYMOUTH performed underneath RAWG (GWAR unmasked) for the 2nd and 3rd Annual Cory Smoot Memorial in Richmond, VA and received the honor of having a guest vocal appearance from the late, great Dave Brockie (Oderus Urungus/GWAR) on a track for the bands 3rd disc, "FROM THE PINK TO THE STINK" (2013) . 2014 saw the death of Dave Brockie that shocked the metal community and POTTYMOUTH immediately trekked to Richmond, VA and was one of the supporting bands for his memorial show to honor the fallen GWAR front man.

2015-2016 the band released a 4 video, 4 song EP, "FLUSH 'EM ALL" which kept them working and creatively busy for such a bold task. Brief mini tours were constructed to support the new music and to feature the newer metallic sound that was evolving out from the band. New props, gimmicks and costumes were made, recreated and/or overhauled, as well as new musicians coming into the fold.

2020 will see the release of the bands next evolution into the continued metal comedy direction with the 5 song EP, "TOILET MUSIC FOR TOILET PEOPLE". No strangers to playing and touring, the band continues to clog drains live and has performed under acts: FEAR, Blowfly, Haunted Garage, Murder Junkies, Bridget The Midget Band, Motochrist, The Mentors, RAWG (GWAR). Kepone, Rosemarys Billygoat, Radioactive Chickenheads, IDSFA, US Bastards.

POTTYMOUTH's live show engages its audiences with a high energy comedy performance, disguised as art, highly entertaining or appallingly silly. Each live show is a toilet stew assault thus converting more fans with each show and prompting others to spread the sauce further. Clogging toilets one turd a time!

Stew on!